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Bryan Walsh 300

Bryan Walsh


Chaney Russell 300

Chaney Russell


Joshua Prescott 300

Joshua Prescott

Senior Director

Tina Garcia 300

Tina Garcia

Senior Director of Operations

Thomas McDaniel 300

Thomas McDaniel

Senior Director

Lori Herbert 300

Lori Herbert

Director of Sales & Marketing

Joel Walsh 300

Joel Walsh

Sales Manager

Taylor Prescott 300

Taylor Prescott

Sales Manager

Keith Ooten 300

Keith Ooten

Director of EVS & Medical Services

Aaron Beare 300

Aaron Beare

Account Manager


Kyle Prescott

Project Manager

Lizette Flores (2) (1)

Lizette Flores

Project Coordinator/Site Manager

Edward Negrete (1)

Edward Negrete

Project Coordinator/Site Manager

Terrie Mark 300

Terrie Mark

Sales Manager

Estefania Ramirez (1)

Estefania Ramirez

Account Manager

Yazmin New Photo300

Yazmin Correa

Account Manager

Jeff Morgan 300

Jeff Morgan

Account Manager

Randy Jones 300

Randy Jones

Account Manager

Photo 2

Claudia Lopez

Account Manager

Lily Perla 300

Lily Perla

Project Manager

Jimmy Luevano 300

Jimmy Luevano

Project Coordinator/Assistant Engineer

Art Ramos 300

Art Ramos

Account Manager

Delane Miles 300

Delane Miles

President's Executive Assistant 

William Rainwater 300

William Rainwater

Project Manager

Sue Dickson 300

Sue Dickson


Steve Anderson 300

Steve Anderson


Mary Lanfear 300

Mary Lanfear

Human Resources

Jennifer McRee 300

Jennifer McRee

Administrative Assistant

Tess Sinclair 300

Tess Sinclair

Accounts Payable